It has been a while. I will update Cubegeek as I continue doing mealy-mouthed development and discoveries like those reaction videos. Ooh look what's so cool about the Rust compiler. So anyway. This is newly dedicated to the people I am reaching out to in order to get any traction possible for my Logos Projects - as long as it takes for that to happen. 

What's going on these days? My company has pivoted from primarily managed services to product + professional services. This allows us to consider more customers despite the fact that we are picky and competitive. The good news is that we've passed our latest ISO 27K audit with sprinting colors (they weren't quite flying but they set an admirable pace.) This means we can indeed take on a more significant class of customers as we've always wanted to do. BTW this is our third years passing. For me that means more work in the columnar space. Since MFGP just signed an agreement with AWS, stuff can start popping (including the stock). That means it will be great for me to get back deep into the internals of Vertica, as I did in 2012, and help workloads scream. 

On the Logos front, I've enjoyed the reactions I've gotten from the folks I talk to, and I'm encouraged to push forward. So I need to do a bit more drawing on UI and perhaps as I become fluent in React, while it's still relevant, I can make a shell around my database models. Or maybe I'll stick to the database models. As we move forward with eDW and integrate Singer and dbt, stuff will go a lot faster. So I aim to put up something at least once a week here. That will keep me focused. 

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