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March 06, 2011


Joe Harris

I'm not really clear what you're getting at here. What is is that Apple needs to do in your mind?

We can argue all day long about their {open/closed}ness but basically anyone can make *any* app they want right now. And, if they really want to, they can pay the fee and get access to the dock port to run any crazy peripherals.

"Coming around to business"?; my feeling is that business is coming around to Apple. Tom Peters has been talking about businesses moving to a 'talent' model like the film industry since at least the mid-90s. If you look around you you'll see that coming more and more to fruition.

Talent in the film industry bring their own equipment and use it to execute the required task. More and more we're seeing this in businesses as tasks are executed by contractors and small companies. These small companies are *overwhelmingly* choosing Apple products to work on (been to any conferences lately?) and 'cloud' services to deploy on.

Also Enderle is a chump (sorry). Dell?! Does Enderle think Amazon, Rackspace, Google or Microsoft Azure are running on Dell? In my view enterprise hardware companies are in the first stages of a long slow decline. Strong cloud providers are already building their own hardware (possibly all the way back to the chip fab).

Anyway, that's just my 2 cents.



I agree with you on the back end. I am very impressed with what I've seen of SeaMicro, for example. I think that cloud providers are going to do great things on new hardware architectures.

But what I want from Apple is to have an extensive vision into industries outside of the consumer space, and that is something I don't perceive from their marketing. I don't see a strategic hint from Apple that they would have developers do on the Apple platform what they would do on other platforms.

I'm trying to think where Apple would be without Adobe and I'm hard pressed to imagine it would be so deeply in the entertainment and publishing creative areas without them.

But what I was really getting at is ruggedized hardware for the field. I'm talking about an iPad that would be perfectly suitable for the FedEx field, for farmers, for soldiers, for factory workers, for civil engineers, not just for people who work in universities and glass buildings.

What about iPad hardware for a single purpose system? Something I can leave in a warehouse because its system is locked down to be only about inventory. That's what I mean.

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