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February 29, 2008


Donald Macdonald

We have been working with Hyperion Essbase since '98 and OBIEE since 2002 when it was nQuire still. There's no conflict between the two because Essbase is a database and OBIEE is a front end delivery tool. The question is, when will the connectivity be good enough to expose Essbase functionality to an OBIEE developer?


You can use the Hyperion tools like FR to report against Essbase. That way, yóu're not forced into limitations of a tool like OBIEE that doesn't understand essbase. You can then link to OBIEE reports (and back if you like) while maintaining the context of the reports in both directions. This way, Essbase can do what it's good at (aggregate views and lightning fast analysis) while OBIEE can offer the more detailed views of the business.
Let me know if you want more info - Bernard.AshATGmail.com

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