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    June 16, 2006



    sence this is the only place i could make this comment i want to let you know next time you post leave a place to comment .

    yes blacks are and can be very racial and yes blacks are in power in a small town called hissboro in al and yes they have racial viewstoward whites and yes they are using those views to opress whites here .now think about it here you have white people living amoung black in hteir comunity and yes they are opressing .so i will say this fear and control lead to racismof the nature you discused.
    they have the white poeple here in hillsboro himmed up like rabbits in a cage .yet they still talk about white racism very funny but really a discrace to you and all people in this nation yes brown people do use their racist views in power. iether we all get along with justice intent or we all die cause it has to go .sooner or later folks will defend themselves !!
    have a good day

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